Distinguishing signs of lung cancer cough due to common diseases

Distinguishing signs of lung cancer cough due to common diseases
One of the symptoms more than 90% of patients with early stage lung cancer are coughing. However, signs are often ignored. So how to distinguish from cancer or with other common diseases.
Cough due to lung cancer is it different?
Cough has many causes: it can simply due to changes in weather or getting cold, seasonal influenza. So when coughing really worrying - is the warning signs of cancer.
Common cough can be treated at home by buying the drink antibiotics. Usually 2 weeks is off. All activities of the body is not too affected. Some cases of pneumonia, bronchitis, the duration of treatment from perhaps longer. Particularly with cancer warning cough is extremely dangerous, it would be a direct threat to life if not detected early. Some distinctive features between cancer cough and common diseases are as follows:
Cough due to lung cancer and tends to prolong worse. Some cases may be accompanied by cough blood. This comes with symptoms will have other unusual symptoms. If any sensitive people can easily recognize.
Ho accompanied by chest pain, shortness of breath, always felt like a lack of oxygen.
Hoarse genre.
Muscle fatigue, anorexia.
-Regarding Night or wheezing.
Signs Early lung cancer often unclear. Many cases almost no expression of wonder until the step to the next stage. This is one of the evolutions disease can silently and after years of new discovery.
If cancer to metastatic stage 1 patients will have symptoms such as limb numbness, weakening, or dizziness, body twitching, eyes yellow jaundice 1 of affected body parts such as the brain, liver..
What to do to reduce the risk of lung cancer to the lowest level.
If overseas health is the No. 1 concern in
United States, the majority of people spend more time and money for the automobile, motorcycle, beauty, time trang..nhieu more. 1 of 1 people are willing to spend big money to satisfy these needs but do not pay small sums for 1 periodic health examinations 2 times / 1 year. That was one mistake. Because cancer can knock anyone and survive quietly in the body that we did not know until moving to the next stage.
Above is one of things to know about lung cancer. Equipped with basic knowledge about the disease and prevention initiative to help people reduce the risk to the lowest level.
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