Detecting breast cancer through saliva test

Detecting breast cancer through saliva test
If the previous method of x-rays is considered common method for diagnosing breast cancer with recent research results choking scientists hope that can detect early disease risk only needs through saliva testing method.
Researchers in Manchester - I hope this method will help limit the number of times to carry out X-ray diagnostic testing methods and replace it with saliva.
Professor Gareth Evans, scientific director of the Center for breast cancer prevention in Manchester, said: "This research will help to change the method of breast cancer screening. According to the experts this method gives results more accurate diagnosis and save time. Through the diagnostic results sisters can detect early disease risk and get the plans take care of themselves so that the most appropriate. "
Professor also stressed that those who have a high risk of the breast cancer screening should be conducted more often.
According to the IB Times said the scientists have detected single nucleotide polymorphism 94 - this is a factor to be considered as increased risk of breast cancer. Professor also said the development projects UT diagnostics through saliva tests for early detection of disease risk. In contemplated methods will be put to the test over a period of 5 years.
For families with relatives suffering from breast cancer or ovarian cancer incidence is also higher than those who do not have family sick. Statistics show that the proportion of those infected will increase 5-10% for families with a loved one diagnosed with the disease. Through this study the scientists said it would help open up more information to identify genes capable of developing into UT disease in women.
In the UK according to the annual statistics, about 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and in about 10 years the number of patients will increase about 12%. Despite being considered a serious disease and is common but most women only consult when the signs of breast cancer was quite clear. Findings of British scientists is considered simple, easy to implement, less invasive and highly effective. After conducting specific experiments scientists hope to put this method widely used in medical facilities across the United Kingdom and the health care facilities worldwide.
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