Cough due to cold and cough due to lung cancer, how different?

Cough due to cold and cough due to lung cancer, how different?
According to the statistics show that over 90% of patients with lung cancer symptoms are coughing. However those who are cold and cough symptoms. So how to distinguish cough due to colds and lung cancer are not well known.
Cough due to the common cold.
Cold is a viral disease and affects the respiratory tract including the nose mainly. Symptoms of a cold include cough, sore throat, headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, fever, body aches, loss of appetite, loss of appetite. Disease can end after 5-7 days or when using some common cold medicines. Changing weather is known to be major causes of the disease. Besides viral infections or infectious diseases are also known to cause disease.
Cough due to lung cancer is it different?
One of the symptoms of lung cancer are the first consideration include cough, persistent cough. The doctors said the cancer or have some differences compared to cough from a cold or other common diseases. Specifically it is:
- A cough that lasts for more than 2 weeks of antibiotics but the situation is not relieved.
- Cough with profuse, bloody sputum.
- Husky.
- Pain in the chest
- Shortness of breath (at night or during exercise).
Typically patients with early stage lung UT unclear symptoms, the patient easily confused with several other conditions. The detection and treatment of early stage lung cancer helps prolong life for patients and cost saving treatment.
What to do to minimize the risk?
Hospital doctors said could prevent the risk of disease if done well some of the following:
- Do not smoke: The smoke not only causes lung cancer but also causes stomach cancer or diseases related to heart and respiration.
- Say no to alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol is the cause of stomach cancer, and liver disease related to lung. Therefore, to have a good health people need to restrict the use of alcohol.
- Periodic health examination. In our country the overall health care has not been adequate attention. Regular medical examinations can detect early disease risk as well as timely treatment, avoid complications that may occur.
Hopefully some of the above information has helped you discern the difference between a cold and cough cough due to lung cancer which could offer a positive treatment to avoid complications bad can happen.
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