Common mistakes of cervical cancer

Common mistakes of cervical cancer
Every day we hear a lot of information related to cervical cancer, but in fact our understanding of this disease are limited, if not false. Here are some common mistakes about this dangerous disease.
Cancer is synonymous with death
Many tests on the ballot while holding hands and have been diagnosed with depression and think of a death sentence hanging front. But the doctors said that with the advancement of modern medical science, the cancer if detected early, can be cured capabilities to more than 90%.
Sugar causes cancer cells to "large" faster?
In recent times many people each transmission of information about eating sugar make UT cells grow more quickly. Although diet is linked closely to the risk of the disease however eating sugar makes information becomes serious condition than no clear basis. Currently the scientists of the United States, France, the UK has not tested or evaluated about eating sugar causes malignant cells proliferate faster.
This is an infectious disease
According to doctors cervical cancer or ovarian cancer, breast cancer is absolutely no possibility of infection from mother to child, through sexual contact or ingestion. Many people often have discriminatory attitudes, alienating people with cancer for fear of infection is no scientific basis. Alienation of people can cause the patient to become self-esteem, withdrawal, guilt ... makes treatment and recovery process takes place difficult, a lot longer.
Rhino horn potentially effective treatment
Not only the sister with cervical cancer that even people with other serious disease seek rhino horn as a panacea to cure. But the doctor said that in fact there are rhino horns composition as nails, human hair and absolutely incapable of healing.
The surgery causes cancer cells to grow and spread more quickly
Many people are diagnosed with the disease do not dare to carry out the treatment or perform a surgical intervention by the touches that makes cutlery exacerbations. In fact this is a completely wrong perspective because when there are symptoms of cervical cancer, the use of appropriate interventions timely help eliminate tumors and prevent them from growing, tons public to the other parts. Thinking that sicker cutlery is unfounded and should be reconsidered.
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