Cigarette smoking increases the risk of the morning of lung cancer

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of the morning of lung cancer
Smokers at risk for lung cancer than others due to tobacco were found to contain more than 70 substances capable of causing cancer. But smokers in the morning brought more hazards, capable of advanced prostate cancer than smokers in other times of the day.
The US National Cancer Institute said, while smoking in a day that affect the risk of cancer, smoking sooner the higher the chance of getting the disease. However this would be quite a few people who are open and that any time smoke contains harmful levels of health alike. The team of the US National Cancer Institute interviewed more than 3,200 people who have never smoked, all were asked about time, quantity, time of day and smoke test, examination and cancer detection.
People who smoke soon after waking up in the period of 1 hour with the highest risk, than women with lung cancer symptoms appear earlier than the case of smoking at a later date. If two people smoke the same amount of time equal smoking a cigarette, the first as soon as the incidence is higher than the rest. This is true for both men and women.
Wake up the body when the body's organs are still in a state of rest, while the stomach is empty, so the status of tobacco smoke on the body as easily absorbed into the stomach, esophagus and parts other, accumulation and excretion difficult outward thus increasing the possibility of carcinogenic tumors. Therefore, the scientists assert smoke while since I got up to 30 minutes after the diagnosis rate of lung cancer is higher than 79%, for about 30 minutes next to this risk increased from 31% - 42%.
This problem was more scientists and researchers interested then, all the conclusions drawn are only stressed at the time of smoking and lung cancer risk, which makes recommendations from quitting measures to prevent the leaves is the most effective cancer. The researchers assert, can not deduce that smoking more time away from waking up late or more, the risk of lung cancer decreases as it depends on many factors such as number of years of smoking, and the number and resistance of each body. So should not smoke at any given time, should instead create their own good habits like waking up after exercise, drink warm water to reduce the risk of cancer.
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