Children also ovarian cancer

Children also ovarian cancer
Breast specialist gynecology, said: "So far no official statistical report on the proportion of children who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, according to the research literature indicates that the disease is not only found in adult women, who in menopause, but also occurs in children. It is alarming that in recent decades the number of children being diagnosed with the disease on the rise ".
According to the doctors say this is a relatively common disease in women (along with breast cancer and cervical cancer). The figures indicate that many common diseases in women of reproductive age or who entered menopause. Before the effects of environmental pollution and food containing harmful chemicals, modes of living are unreasonable, the incidence of this disease is increasing in alarming that most subjects were children.
Currently the cause of ovarian cancer in children have not been confirmed exactly. Despite a lot of assumptions, many studies were carried out and confirmed that stem cells are a major cause of disease in girls. According to statistics, about 75% of cases arise stem cells are benign and have no ability to influence the lives of children.
Also according to the doctor said for ordinary people has 2 ovaries. Ovarian cancer is a term used to refer to a (more) tumors arising in an unusual way in the ovaries. Usually there are two common forms of u and u were cyst entity. Currently, when it comes to ovarian cysts people often refer to ovarian cysts. Through analysis of the doctors said this was the largest bag development services in ovarian then twisted or broken off direct threat to the functioning of this department as well as a direct threat to the strength of the patient.
For children to detect the disease at an early stage is very difficult, because the symptoms are not clear, the parents usually do not care about the vagaries of youth. On the other hand by their lack of understanding of the identification to making early detection more difficult in children. Statistics show that most cases girls are diagnosed when the disease has moved to an advanced stage, large tumor causing compression to other parts of the body. Particularly, there are a few cases where the tumor rupture causing bleeding girl lives directly threatened.
Doctors recommend that girls absolutely capable of diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian or cervical so when there are vagaries parents should take their child to the doctor immediately.
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