Cervical cancer serious disease from the subjective

Cervical cancer serious disease from the subjective
Although all of them are aware of the dangers of cancer of the cervix but most of them are subjective and that is the reason for the danger of the disease has been pushed up.
One patient said she often felt sore vagina after every relationship, besides that she also saw fresh blood regularly appear, menstruation also fluctuate. But initially you think may be due about to enter menopause should not visit that subjective silently endure. Only until she appeared genital symptoms such as prolonged vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, dull, solid lumps appeared in her pelvis decided to go explore.
When she was hospitalized until doctors appointed Pap Test, endoscopic cervical and detect tumors in the uterus appeared. For more accurate conclusions about her condition, she had asked the doctors to conduct a biopsy. Hold the results are diagnosed with cervical cancer and has entered a stage of invasive sister and family as dumbfounded. Shortly thereafter, she was hospitalized with surgery combined with radiation therapy. Also thanks during treatment, advise the doctors she understood more about the signs of cervical cancer, and the disease can be prevented by vaccination with HPV vaccine. Looking back on her daughters are in the age of puberty, she was thinking of putting their children vaccinated this vaccine.
Cancer can be prevented?
According to medical experts, said the cause of the disease that is caused by a virus of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and is estimated to have more than 95% of women are diagnosed with the disease in samples containing viruses present. Those with a high risk that the early sexual relations before age 18, who have sex with multiple partners, who have a family history of the disease, the menopause women .
To limit risk people should conduct a vaginal smear test Pap Test. According to experts this is the exact method of diagnosis and early detection of disease risk early. Upon detecting abnormal cells the doctors will perform surgery or radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells the most effective way.
Besides the doctors recommended cervical cancer and breast cancer is currently the second-threatening illnesses directly to the lives of women. Therefore, when there is any abnormal changes or signs of disease suspected sisters need a checkup right away absolutely not subjectively or arbitrarily medication to treat at home.
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