Cervical cancer cure from papaya leaves

Cervical cancer cure from papaya leaves
With the amount of vitamin and minerals have long been known as Papaya is a fruit that effect health improvement and provide nutrients to the body. Recently, scientists have said papaya leaves can cure cervical cancer effectively.
From ancient times the herb in human nature has been used in the treatment of dangerous diseases including cancer. According to several sources said papaya leaf has many special uses of water leaves the plant has therapeutic effects of prostate cancer, liver disease, stomach, lung, pancreas, cervix ... damaged so real utility of this kind of plant leaves like? We are really so effective?
In Japan to treat cancer information from papaya leaf posted on "ethnic medicinal magazine" has attracted the attention of everyone. This information was published based on research results of Professor of Cancer Center of the University of Florida - United States associated with the professors of the University of Tokyo in Japan. According to the professor, said the ingredients in the leaf of the plant fully capable enough to cure many diseases from infections to cancer. For patients with drinking water UT papaya leaves regularly will have the ability to enhance the body's resistance, increasing the number of blood in the blood to help prevent and destroy malignant cells. Many clinical trials showed that people who used the leaves of this plant does not cause side effects to the central nervous system and cause damage to the function of the circulatory system.
Doctors say about the use of papaya cure?
According to the doctors of the Hospital said that in nature there are many effective herbal health tonic, anti-inflammatory and destroy malignant cells in a positive way. Curative effect on cervical cancer from papaya leaf extract doctors said all drugs in a number of countries have used and many patients say the disease can significantly relieved. One of the countries that use the most common remedies were Australian. But doctors advise people to be cautious in using this type of leaves for healing. Explaining this the doctors said that Australians use their leaves of papaya paw paw while in Vietnam papaya leaves is used that is herbaceous. 2 This species has a different number of components also leads to different uses.
Regarding the treatment of tobacco use papaya trees in the United States need a lot more research. Doctors recommend that people when there are symptoms of cervical cancer or suspected disease requires immediate medical facilities to test and advise doctors on active treatment regimen, absolute involuntary treatment at home.
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