Breast tenderness have breast cancer signs?

Breast tenderness have breast cancer signs?
The sisters in pregnancy, before menstruation, women in menopause may have symptoms of breast tenderness. However, doctors recommend you also need to pay attention because this would be a sign of breast cancer can not be ignored.
Common causes of chest pain.
Symptoms of premenstrual warning.
A lot of women a few days before menstruation will appear symptoms were chest tenderness, swelling, pain ... Explaining this claim doctors said before entering the body cycle and sisters will water tends breasts and nipples. This phenomenon makes the volume of water stretched breast tissue caused stiff phenomenon, the swelling and pain away.
Pregnant women
A pretty common causes leading to chest ie, pain that is caused by women during pregnancy. There are many sisters shared that during pregnancy they frequently experienced this feeling. Many women atopic sensitization by detecting breast ie, tension has conducted a pregnancy test and learned she was pregnant were very excited. Also when sisters in the last months of pregnancy mammary glands grow stronger, faster big breasts in preparation for breastfeeding process can also hurt away.
Menopausal women
For women over the age of 40 steps if chest pain, ie phenomena appear, they should not be worried because this could be a harbinger of menopause is approaching. You can verify this phenomenon in more detail that is through monthly menstrual cycles around. Initially you may see less of menstrual blood and then gradually lost, along with sisters will feel the symptoms as the body accelerated aging, fat accumulation, the volume of water, upset, sad ... all those changes are due to the decline in the female endocrine good cause. The decline in hormone may also entail the risk of ovarian cancer or cervical UT is huge.
Breast cysts
Another reason leading to this phenomenon is that the appearance of the capsule inside the breast. Women who are between the ages of 30-40 who are at risk for the largest cyst.
Breast cancer
One case that nobody wants most is breast cancer. In fact a lot of people when symptoms appear, seek medical and tenderness have been concluded with breast cancer. When the development of breast tumors in fast compression causes the surrounding tissue will cause you to feel pain, that, and stretch.
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