Bleeding during sex can have signs of ovarian cancer are not?

Bleeding during sex can have signs of ovarian cancer are not?
Many women have concerns bleeding during sex may be a sign of ovarian cancer or not?
a patient may ask, "said the doctor lately every time my wife and generally living their findings vaginal bleeding. I am very worried about what you have been infected or not? Will I have ovarian cancer, doctors said no? "
This joint also worry another patient had asked "I married for 3 months, 1 week recently after every relationship you often see a little blood prince out bed sheets, my menstruation is normal, I do not feel sore or tired at all. I am very worried about their risk for ovarian cancer or cervical cancer doctors said not ?. I would like to receive early advice of experts. "
Above are two of the many questions you are interested in and send them to the hospital's mailbox last week. Answers on the issue of breast specialist gynecology - said there are many causes of bleeding during sex were:
- People with polycystic ovary syndrome.
- Agencies pelvic infection.
- Fibroids.
- Cervicitis.
- Relations vagina violently causing injury.
- Side effects of some medications are used.
But doctors also recommended if bleeding appears accompanying symptoms such as:
- Menstrual cycle vagaries.
- Dull abdomen, pelvis.
- Appear lumps, abnormal tumor in the abdomen, pelvis.
- Often have the feeling of nausea and vomiting.
- Frequent urination.
- Pain during sex.
- Gas damage, vaginal secretions more, unusual smells.
- The body fatigue, asthenia.
When there are signs on the sisters should be checked, because it could be early warning signs of the risk of dangerous infections or cancer than it is. Diagnosis of ovarian cancer early will help detect and treat diseases more effectively, saving costs and control risks that may occur. Doctors also recommend cable rates statistically Girls with ovarian cancer growing so parents should bring the child to actively seek early if any abnormal signs infected doubt.
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