Along the Eiffel Tower launch month for breast cancer prevention

Along the Eiffel Tower launch month for breast cancer prevention
No longer the usual pomp, in the first days of October when the world to act in response to months of breast cancer prevention Eiffel Tower and pink rather a response to this campaign.
Given the number of patients with breast cancer on the rise and mortality rates are increasingly alarming propaganda raise awareness of prevention and protection from risk is extremely necessary.
Grasp this reality, the air conditioning with the world responded in October - breast cancer month line of action against French officials - the French health organizations have joined hands in the campaign with a very action real - new clothes for the Eiffel tower. According to The Local sources said last night personally 09.28.2015 Paris Anne Hidalgo Mayor were present to attend this great event.
According to representatives of the organizing committee for the Eiffel Tower was long known as the symbol of the United States worldwide. Events for the tower dressed as a pink practical programs or urging people to join hands to fight against this dreaded disease.

Not only the Eiffel tower, representing the organizers also said that many famous sites across France will be covered with a transparent pink this October. Start the campaign took place at the Eiffel Tower screen shimmering light pink.
Not only during this October, on the occasion of the last March also in the square tower of the hundreds of women who live and work in the same pris also threw their bras into the sky. Speaking about the event representing charities Pink Bra Bazaar named initiated with the goal of which is to contribute to raising awareness of people about this serious disease as well as to add strength to those who are struggle fighting for her life in the hands of death.
Another important content in the campaign are the medical professionals will provide breast cancer signs, guided visits and sisters at home to be able to detect early disease risk. When there are abnormalities experts also recommended sisters should come right medical facility for examination and specific advice.
Besides launching the campaign against breast cancer, the content related to cervical cancer or ovarian cancer are the authorities mentioned a lot.
Not only in France a lot of places in the world to join hands stained pink in October in response to breast cancer is not so scary.
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