Alcohol causes liver cancer look like?

Alcohol causes liver cancer look like?
According to the statistics show that drinking too much alcohol in one long period will cause liver damage and ultimately lead soles cancer risk. So wine has caused liver cancer look like?
Mechanism of alcohol absorption into the body
The doctors said that when alcohol is absorbed quickly and directly in blood. It is estimated that in about 60 minutes our bodies will absorb all of the alcohol is introduced into the body. In particular it is in the stomach is 20% and the remaining 80% is absorbed in the small intestine. For those in the stomach contains food, absorption will be less than those who drink with an empty stomach. On the other hand those who drink and use in combination with substances such as beer, cola ... the level of uptake will be greatly accelerated. This is why people who regularly drink occasional fasting, those who drink mixed with fresh water at risk for diseases such as stomach ulcers or stomach cancer than those who drank little or no drinking at .
Alcohol excretion mechanisms are taking place outside like?
As soon as the blood is absorbed into our bodies will carry out one series of operations to excrete alcohol outside environment. Following the absorption in the stomach and small intestine are metabolized alcohol to 90% in the liver and a small amount of alcohol will be eliminated outside environment through urine excreted as urine, pores or breath. In order to accomplish this rejection depends heavily on the activities of the liver with detoxification function. But to metabolism better place this requires the presence of a catalyst that is Nicotintamid - Adenine - Dinucleotid or it's abbreviated NAD. In normal liver can only produce a certain amount of yeast can help transform a moderate amount of alcohol in a short time period. For those who drink too much and for too long a period, the amount of yeast secrete insufficient cause accumulation of alcohol in the body for a long time (especially liver), causing them to be seriously affected.
People whose drinking habits have signs such as jaundice, yellow eyes, bloating, flatulence, indigestion ... to seek medical advice immediately. The first disease people often encounter that is more severe liver cirrhosis and cancer. The early diagnosis of liver cancer treatment will help a lot more efficient.
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