After treatment for ovarian cancer need estrogen supplements?

After treatment for ovarian cancer need estrogen supplements?
For patients with ovarian cancer after surgery is one of the issues that people care is no need to conduct additional estrogen or not?
According to doctors, said estrogen is a female hormone and has many effects. Some uses we can mention such as regulating menstruation, sex regulation, balanced vaginal environment, participation in shaping the women's individual characteristics such as breasts, voice audio, image into shape ...
In humans lady as estron substances, estradiol, estriol as the estrogen and is secreted from the ovaries and during pregnancy. In the foregoing, it is known as estradiol secretion products directly from the ovary and has a stronger activity than 2 hormone estriol tren.Doi with estron and our bodies have the ability to replenish themselves if there is evidence brand shortage. However, for those cases hormone deficiency due to ovarian cancer or cervical cancer, people need to supplement with synthetic pill.

However, experts recommend the addition of this hoocmin should pay attention and to have the guidance of the specialist physician. If the addition is too much of this hormone leads to the phenomenon that is inhibiting the development of eggs that can not be sticking to the lining of the uterus. Statistics show that women who supplement excessive amounts of this hormone will cause the fertility of women is greatly reduced and will inhibit the production of natural hormones in the body. Some side effects you may encounter if it is supplemented overdose jaundice, cholestatic, nausea, breast tenderness, endometrial optimistic, headache ... many studies have shown that many people been diagnosed with ovarian cancer are related to the addition of too much of this hormone.
Some noteworthy cases carefully before using it as pregnant women, who are in the period of breastfeeding, people with a history of suffering from hypertension, people with high risk of thrombosis increases circuit ...
These use cases are those that treat diseases related to male faculty (who are treating hirsutism, acne more, the beard more), women premenopausal period, who leads treat menstrual disorders phenomenon, people delayed puberty, the menopause early ... But the use should follow the guidance of the specialist physician and immediately stop the medication if signs appear as breast tenderness , fatigue, dizziness, nausea, menstrual disorders ...
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