A new discovery in the treatment of end-stage liver cancer

A new discovery in the treatment of end-stage liver cancer
Radioactive microspheres particles Y-90 is the treatment of liver cancer last stage today's most advanced. The introduction of methods of radioactive microspheres beads help open another new treatment opportunities for patients and hope for the whole society in the struggle with the disease this evil monster.
Like other conditions of the body, the liver cancer is often silent movements, patients and their families often confuse the symptoms with other diseases. Many cases detected when the disease has moved to the final stages makes treatment difficult, a high mortality rate.
As reported by the Health Ministry Cosmetic liver cancer is a dangerous disease sufferers rate rising, 2nd of cancer in men after lung cancer, and No. 3 in the common diseases in women after breast cancer and cervical cancer.
Currently in the world there are many methods to treat this serious disease but after 3 years survival rate is very low. If as in Japan the proportion of patients alive after 3 years of treatment reaches 47% in the United States this figure is extremely low. One of the reasons for that is because the disease is detected at a later stage (more than 60% of patients are detected when moved into late stage).
You radioactive seeds used in the treatment needs to be assessed as new techniques and the most advanced available today. Mechanism of action of this technique is that the doctor will proceed to raise the county microspheres containing radioactive materials through culture vessels inside tumors. After being inserted into the radioactive particles would have the dual effect that is cut off nourish tumors, arise Beta radiation to kill the tumor site while minimizing the level of invasion the surrounding healthy tissue.
This method is suitable for patients who are diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer and methods of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy proved ineffective.
The effectiveness of this approach doctors said all the patients were treated with this method have a lifetime longer than 6 months compared with patients not treated. In addition to the major tumor diameter (on 7cm) doctors see this method also helps shrink the tumor to an area half the size before treatment.
At present this method has not been widely used in medical facilities. In the future doctors will try to approach this with greater access to this new method.
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