80% of patients suffering from lung cancer due to smoking

80% of patients suffering from lung cancer due to smoking
According to the doctors there are many causes of lung cancer in which over 80% are due to smoking.
Smoking and scary figures in the United States.
According to the statistics show that within 20 years the number of cigarettes consumed in Vietnam doubled (from 2 billion packs / 1 year to 4 billion packs / 1 year). Regarding the number of smokers is increasing and tends to rejuvenate. More than 47% of male smokers in our country, the proportion of women smoking less but still ranked 15th in the world.
According to statistics our country annually spends about 22.000 billion to buy cigarettes. But in fact we have to spend several times the figure for spending on the health service to treat diseases related to cigarette smoke as prostate cancer, stomach, throat and problems Heart.
Cigarettes contain carcinogens?
According to the statistics, said tobacco contains more than 4000 chemicals of which an estimated 200 extremely hazardous chemicals and can cause cancer. Some addictive chemicals, toxic and potentially develop into cancer may be mentioned are:
- Gas carbon monoxide - CO. According to a detailed analysis showed that CO is known to be an extremely toxic gas. When this gas enters the body associated with increased affinity of hemoglobin than 20 times the oxygen will lead to increasing phenomenon hemoglobin and hemoglobin oxygen separation between each other. This combination leads to severe anemia phenomenon that increases the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular pathologies.
- Nicotine. According to the scientists this is a colorless and chemicals when burned will produce pungent aroma, brown. This is an addictive substance with powerful features, the scientists put them into a list of characteristics of the substance, such as cocaine and heroin. In each cigarette averaging about 1-2 mg of nicotine, this compound can be absorbed in the body through the skin, mucous membranes, lungs.
Besides the chemical substances in tobacco are toxic and harmful to cells.
Only people who are sick smokers?
Many people have thought that only those who smoke new initiative at risk. But in fact the passive smokers at risk than those who smoke actively. The reason scientists explained by the inhalation of the smoke stream side and more impurities that risk is much higher.
So how to prevent disease risk?
Based on the understanding that tobacco causes doctors recommend people do not smoke, avoid smoking in crowded places, where the young and the sick. Also when there are symptoms of lung cancer, people need immediate medical facility for examination.
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