7 signs of lung cancer should be examined immediately

7 signs of lung cancer should be examined immediately
Lung cancer is classified in the most common diseases in our country, men suffer more than women. Below are seven warning signs of lung cancer should be examined immediately.
Chronic cough.
Ho warned a lot of diseases, which can merely common diseases. However, if the cough lasts longer than 2 weeks, a chronic cough, not taking off, especially cough with blood to be vigilant. Ideally there should be an appointment with a doctor.
Difficulty breathing.
Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and lung cancer symptoms are not ignored. Patients will find difficult breathing, shortness of breath, breathlessness even just walking up stairs or doing light work.
Ie thoracic pain.
The patient will feel more frequently appeared chest pain accompanied by cough. Chest pain is one of the most typical signs of lung cancer, insidious disease evolution, constantly. The result of this symptom can be caused by tumors began growing bigger, wider, spread to other parts of the body.
Or wheezing.
When the airways become tied, blocked, or inflammation of the patient breath will be certain changes, such as wheezing. These are symptoms of confused people or to other diseases such as asthma or allergies.
Change voice: hoarse, hoarseness.
Voice change due to numerous reasons such as strep throat. But this symptom becomes worrying when stretching more than 2 weeks. By voice changes tend heavier and may be warning signs of many diseases related to cancer, such as nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, head and neck.
Losing weight is not controlled.
Body weight reduction must also watch out for sudden. Because many cases of abnormal weight loss is a result of the cancer causes symptoms, anorexia, fatigue. However, do not equate with cancer will lose weight. Whatever the cause, is always needed hospital soon to be accurately diagnosed.
Severe headache.
Chronic headaches, frequent signaling dangerous diseases. Simply by feeling headache, fever flu taking antibiotics for 3 day goes away. Conversely, headache accompanied by signs above vigilance. Because lung cancer has spread to the brain causes the symptoms usually lasting headache, very painful.
The main cause of lung cancer is determined to be caused by tobacco. So one of the measures to prevent the disease is to give up, limiting toxic drugs for this health. At the same time, should strengthen food supplements clean fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy body, prevent illness, maintain regular health examinations to effective cancer screening. When you see the symptoms of lung cancer Oncology hospital needed medical help immediately.
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