50% reduction in the risk of liver cancer from drinking coffee every day

50% reduction in the risk of liver cancer from drinking coffee every day
Italian scientists said could minimize the risk of liver cancer by up to 50% if you maintain an average of 3 drinking habits daily cup of black coffee.
Head of the research project that is home Dr Carlo La Vecchia PhD - lecturer of the University of Milan, Italy. In his report he was representing scientists claim they can demonstrate specific positive effects of coffee on human health which prevent the risk of liver cancer more than 50%.
Explaining this claim he says compounds in coffee help prevent cancer risk through mechanisms to prevent the risk of diabetes - a disease that causes liver cancer at present. Besides the regular coffee drinkers also help us prevent a number of diseases such as cirrhosis, problems related to increased liver enzymes.
To clarify this statement he and his colleagues analyzed 16 studies represent in the period from 1996 to 2012 with over 3153 different medical records. The team of researchers also conducted a review of 900 records diagnosed cases of liver cancer in particular that it is carcinoma liver cells - a common form of liver cancer the most.
In all the above cases the scientists have found that the risk was reduced to 50% of cases have a habit of drinking 3 cups of coffee on average about every day.
For primary liver cancer, doctors said preventable risk people can control the amount of alcohol into the body, the virus vaccine against Hepatitis B specific control and the development of Hepatitis C. To clarify the relationship between daily coffee consumption and the ability to prevent cancers such as breast cancer, skin cancer or some other medical scientists need many more studies . However, this finding also helps people with hope new on prevention and control of this dangerous disease.
As reported by the World Health Organization is now following disease mortality 3rd and the incidence of the 6th of common diseases. Before the level of danger of the disease, finding methods to prevent the spread of this disease is extremely necessary. Experts recommend one method of maintaining health as well as avoid the risk that people should drink coffee regularly every day.
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