18-year-old young woman pregnant belly as ovarian cancer

18-year-old young woman pregnant belly as ovarian cancer
While people suspect she got pregnant because her belly bulge is increasingly Bernard Riley were doctors diagnose ovarian cancer.
Bernard Riley was born in England. She was known to everyone as captain of the dancers in a Secondary School. So far she has undergone surgery to remove the cervix after doctors concluded with cancer.
According to information she shared family Riley was a good girl and have very good academic achievement. In addition to studying at school she also participates in volunteer activities, social activities, and now she is a cheerleader captain at the school. Yet every year voluntarily started worse for her when she discovered her belly grow bigger. Many people around had thought that she was pregnant. Before such information Riley has vehemently opposed and assert that this time she was still a virgin.
To get the most accurate results she went to the hospital to check to find out the exact cause causes abnormal enlargement What is his? Until before the test results the doctors also said that she was pregnant and the fetus was about 5 months.
After conducting the tests a few days later she received a notice from the hospital said that she had one big tumor in the ovary, the size of the tumor has grown very large (up to 13cm). All the test results have come to the conclusion that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in stage 3.
Information ill she quickly buried by everyone in the family knows and only after 3 days she was hospitalized and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Due to the serious nature of the disease, so she was forced to carry out removal of the affected organs including ovaries and uterus. Sharing about his status Riley said, "actually I still can not believe his illness this evil monster. At my age had to remove the ovaries and uterus is not just a bad thing that also makes me very painful. I always wanted to have a small family and children. When thinking about what I can not have children feel really bad, it made me feel depressed ".
Before the circumstances of Riley lot of friends had planned to raise funds to support her. During the treatment she has received the attention of a lot of encouragement. Through its case Riley also want to share with people to care about their health, especially the girls because the risk of cancer of the cervix or ovaries are huge.
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