1 Number of common liver diseases and causes no unexpected

1 Number of common liver diseases and causes no unexpected
Smoking, obesity, drug use or tattoos too lieu..deu is extremely bad habits directly affect the liver and can cause several diseases 1. Here are the face of unexpected causes can lead to liver cancer and other diseases 1.
Overweight and obesity.
Obesity can cause many diseases, which can lead to accumulation of fat in gan.Hien this phenomenon is also known as fatty liver. Without applying scientific diet, limiting fat can cause cirrhosis, affects the function and operation of the department. Obese men may also face the first of dangerous cancers like prostate cancer. Women increases the risk of breast cancer.

Related to genetic factors.
Some diseases, such as hepatitis B and C, cancer-related thu..deu genetics. In some cases children will inherit the disease gene from their parents. However, not all cases have relatives ca.Trong diseases mentioned above should have an early appointment with your doctor to ensure your good health and do not carry any disease.
The immune system of the body less.
When the body has a weakened immune system, weak resistance of bacteria, germs more easily attacked. Thus increasing the risk of many diseases, including liver cancer. The scientific research will give the body's immune system will support more good liver function.
Some medical preparations.
The liver is the body responsible for handling of drugs when taken into the body that occur subsequently, if use of the drug overdose that would harm gan.Trong, painkillers people should not be abused by highly can acetaminophen (pain reliever) will lead to acute liver failure.
Tattoos on the body.
Many people like to mark on the body by tattoos than women nguoi.Phu can see more sexy, more masculine men when some form xam.Tuy course, this could be harmful to health if not been sterilized properly, leading to inflammation and viral hepatitis B nhiem.Viem hepatitis C can be spread through contaminated tattoo ink if.
Excessive drinking.
Extreme heavy drinking causes damage to throat, stomach and liver ... This is a drink to be classified in risk factors lead to many cancers including esophageal cancer, liver. That's why men have better resistance to women, but the number of people with advanced prostate cancer.
Cigarette smoke seriously affects the liver. According to the American Cancer Fund alcohol, cigarettes cause serious liver damage. With the object both alcohol and tobacco addiction will be the shortest route leading to more cancers than.
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